The Creative Marketing Podcast - Episode 2 - Matthew Zaremba

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On episode 2 of The Creative Marketing Podcast Aengus is joined by one of his favourite artists, a man whose work gets shared far and wide on Instagram and which manages to say a great deal while still maintaining a strong sense of minimalism - Matthew Zaremba. On they show they discuss the roots of Matthew’s work, the ways in which he has grown his personal brand in the past number of years and his advice for young artists looking to learn how to market their art.

Instagram: @MatthewZaremba


Matthew Zaremba is a Boston based visual artist who has been partaking in various creative endeavours since a young age. In more recent years he has taken to Instagram to share his work and has grown a substantial following of engaged fans.

He talks about art and how he has grown a following through years of consistently putting out work that was authentic and true to himself. In this episode, Matthew and Aengus also talk about things such as the vastness of space, the power of having a vision of what you're working towards and ups and downs of becoming an established artist on Instagram.

Listen to the episode here

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