The Creative Marketing Podcast - Episode 3 - Sam Lewis a.k.a. Slew

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On episode 3 of The Creative Marketing Podcast Aengus is joined by a fine artist, videographer and YouTuber who, in the past few years, has grown a social media following in the hundreds of thousands - Mr. Sam Lewis A.k.a Slew a.k.a. Slewp.

They talk about the hard work and persistence that has gotten Sam where he is today, and how that hard work and persistence is the recipe for success as a painter or artist but also for success in almost any area of life.

So whether you want to start a career as an artist, learn how to grow a following on YouTube or just be entertained by a clever and witty conversation, then episode 3 of the show is for you!

YouTube: @Slew

Instagram: @Slewp


On the podcast they discuss how Sam learned over years how to be so effective both with a paintbrush and with a video camera. They talk about how important it is to be consistent and to put in effort over a sustained period of time in order to become successful. They touch on the story of how Sam nearly got rid of his art studio to go do a 4 year painting training course and decided against it last minute - only to see his YouTube following blow up soon after!

This episode it rammed full of valuable content for anyone looking to establish themselves as an artist or any kind of YouTube creator!

Listen to episode 3 here

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