The Creative Marketing Podcast - Episode 4 - Bostjan Belingar

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On episode 4 of The Creative Marketing Podcast Aengus is joined by the CEO and founder of Hustler Marketing, an email marketing agency which has seen explosive growth in the past couple of years, growing from a one man shop to an agency that boasts over 50 employees - Bostjan Belingar.

They talk about a wide range of marketing topics, including how to approach email marketing as a beginner, how to succeed in growing a YouTube channel and how to write and self publish your own book. The reason they speak about self publishing is that’s another feather in Bostjan’s cap - he is a self published author who sold a significant number of copies of his book via Amazon, all with his own marketing efforts.

Instagram: @BostjanBelingar

YouTube: BossLifeHacks


For anyone interested in learning more about marketing, how to publish a book and how to grow a loyal and engaged audience, this episode is for you!

Listen to the episode here

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