The Creative Marketing Podcast - Episode 5 - Loui Blake

Posted by Aengus Boyle on

On episode 5 of The Creative Marketing Podcast Aengus is joined on the show by serial entrepreneur, restauranteur, plant-based businessman and all-around legend Loui Blake.

Instagram: @Loui_Blake


On the epsiode they talk about a range of subjects including the biggest lessons and failures he has experienced in his career, the power of having a clear vision in your mind before starting a project and what advice he has for young artists looking to start selling their work.

One thing that really stands out in this episode is how important a strong mindset is in the journey towards success. There may be one or two spiritual tangents in this episode, but they are paired with real-world advice around exactly how those spiritual aspects are tied to execution in the real world - and how the combination of the two is the really powerful thing!

This is a great episode for anyone looking to get started in any sort of business venture and will reveal a lot about the mindsets required to be successful.

Listen to the episode here

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