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Alt-text is the text that describes an image to search engines which crawl the internet like the creepy-crawly creepers that they are.

I just saved the alt text for the main image of this piece as "Yellow Abstract Splatter Painting". Quite a literal interpretation of this work, I'm sure you'll agree.

For those of you seeking a less literal interpretation, this is a painting of how a small orphaned child in the East Anglia felt the day after he turned 13 when he, for the first time in his young life, ate sardines.

All in the eye of the bee-holder at the end of the day, innit?

This piece is cheap for its size vs. others on the site because the wooden frame on which the canvas is stretched is a bit warped. Perhaps you yourself are warped and feel an affinity to the wooden frame. If that's the case then this is a fucking bargain and you're welcome.

Acrylic on canvas, 70x100cm, (warped like the warped tour)