YOU know WHAT I mean?

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iF YoUve evR DunN Pyschadelic Duregs ThEN thiS wiLL maKE ENSE

If not, just spin around in circles for 48 seconds then squint at this painting and you'll probably see the same things I've seen haha.

Seriosly though, how whack is it that governments tell us we can't take the funnest drugs, then take tax money from us, then spend that tax money on a police force, then forces that police force to enforce these drug laws, instead of legalising drugs, saving the money spent policing illegal drugs on something actually useful rather than on fighting a lost war AND also made tax from all the business people who are legally selling drugs, and then spend that tax money on making the world a better place so less peolple end up wanting to take drugs in the first place.

Yeah that's prettty fucking whack.

It also has nothing to do with this painting but sure look we're here now, you might as well but it!

Acrylic on canvas, 20x24 inches (ish)