Piecemeal Protest

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The name means as little as most protests do.

That's not a deep statement, it's just some nonsense I'm typing cos apparently these paintings should have captions and I like trying to sound deep while not really being deep.

When I see the word piecemeal I think of oatmeal, which, as most meals go, is pretty piecemeal. 

I wish there was a peace mill, that took oatmeal and grounded it up into pieces that spread peace.

Sadly not and this year a few hundred thousand people will probably die in unnecessary conflict. 

And we'll all just collectively unwrap another chocolate bar and throw away the wrapper to ease the burden of thinking about what the wrapper from the last chocolate bar we ate did in terms of harm to the ever-warming world that we're collectively destroying.

That took a dark turn, but the painting is bright, so at least there's that.

Acrylic on canvas, 11x14 inches (ishh)