Don't Forget To Go On Mute

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This is one of my favourite paintings I've done to date.

If you don't understand why then you've probably got really bad taste.

I feel a bit bad for you. But don't worry about it, just work on it and try to improve.

Anyway, for those of you who have some taste, keep reading.

The reason the painting is named as it is is that it is currently hung above my desk at home.

Therefore it's seen me partake in rather a lot of conference calls. It's seen it all, from speaking over people, to awkwardly laughing, to internet failures, to that time I thought I was on mute on a call with about 150 participants.

I was not, in fact, on mute at all.

I was very much off mute.

Don't be like me, don't forget to go on mute!

Size: 100 x 70 cm

One of a kind, hand-painted canvas