Fill My Little World

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In the middle of painting this piece, I had a severe panic attack, thought I was dead, had a cold shower, went for a walk outside, sat on the floor, walked around in circles, and cried.

Then God painted a little note in the corner, which was cool. Literally, God has painted a part of this painting. And no, I don't mean the God from any of those ancient religious texts that cretins still read like they're rule books. I mean the real God, the one that's in you and me and everything else!

So, given that part of this was painted by God, I think you'll agree it's probably the best bargain you're gonna see this week, by some stretch.

God was also DJing at the time of painting, threw on a few bangers, it was real.

Acrylic on canvas, 50x70cm (ishhh)