Hi, I'm Aengus.

In case the domain didn't make it obvious, I'm an artist!

Born and raised in Ireland, I am currently living, working and (most importantly) painting, in London.

I work in digital marketing by day and spend my evenings and weekends painting and podcasting.

I don't like describing myself in the dry and academic terminology that seems so commonplace in the art world... But if I had to I would speak in the third person and say: he creates intuitive abstract art that celebrates the vibrancy of life through its use of colour and movement. Through his large, bold works he attempts to shake the viewer by the shoulders and remind them to appreciate all that is good in the world and to be kind to each other.

I would say that my art actually means nothing though, until each viewer looks at it and digests it through their own unique individual perspective. 

So really, if the question is one of what the art means, then the onus is on you to tell me what it means.

Take that!

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch for any reason just email aengus@artbyaengus.com 

Alternatively, you can scream really loud and hope I hear it.

Peace, Love and PAINT!

Aengus x