Hi I'm Aengus!

In case the domain didn't make it obvious, I make art!

Born and raised in Ireland, I am currently living, working and (most importantly) painting, in London.

I work in digital marketing by day and spend my evenings and weekends painting and podcasting.

I have created this site to share some of my artistic creations with the world as well as to share my journey as I strive to become a full time artist and content creator.

I was never a very artistic child and never would have thought I’d someday build a website dedicated to painting. But here we are. Lockdown, paired with some magic mushrooms, and some divine inspiration, has changed me.

It has made me into an artist. 

 Sounds like a load of shite and it probably is a load of shite but it honestly just feels like the universe wants me to become a wildly famous and successful painter.


And who am I to deny the universe what it wants?!!

The act of painting is a great meditative escape at a time like this when stress is so high across society. I hope these paintings and their "descriptions" can help bring you a little bit of calm and happiness too!

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch for any reason just email aengus@artbyaengus.com 

Alternatively, you can scream really loud and hope I hear it.

Peace, Love and PAINT!

Aengus x