Bag (Fake as Fuck!)

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This bag is fake as fuck!

But it’s also a little bit famous. 4.7 Million views and counting. 

I hired a professional team of photographers to spend a week connecting and shooting theses product pictures and I hope you appreciate that effort! 

Add to that the fact that this bag is well travelled. Purchased in Egypt and flown back to England on a plane that was about 5 hours fucking delayed!

The bag is genuinely really fake and quite shit, so it’s already torn and glued back on at one point 😂 but that’s all part of the piece!

The bag has also absorbed many hours of my life, spent painting the word fake over and over again, editing time-lapse videos and recording stupid voiceovers lying about spending £47k on a bag.

Included with your purchase will be the option to claim a 1 of 1 NFT associated with the bag and it’s viral moment in time.

Edit: we’re now on 2.8 million views. I should raise the price alongside the rising fame of the bag, but in these inflationary times, I’ll take it easy on you.

P.S. Please don’t buy this, I want to keep it. Thanks! X